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Florida drug kingpin gets 20-year prison term

SHARE Florida drug kingpin gets 20-year prison term

MIAMI (AP) — A reputed drug kingpin from Florida's "Miami Vice" era was sentenced Tuesday to 20 years in prison for money laundering.

Willy Falcon also paid the federal government $1 million, as agreed to in a plea bargain.

Falcon and partner Sal Magluta were said by prosecutors to have made $2 billion from cocaine smuggling while turning Miami into the drug capital of America in the 1980s. They were known in Colombian drug circles as "The Boys."

Falcon, 47, pleaded guilty in June to laundering drug profits.

Falcon and Magluta were under investigation for 14 years and were cleared of drug charges in 1996 with help from two bribed jurors. Magluta later received a life sentence for jury bribery, while being cleared of charges that he ordered hits on three witnesses, including a lawyer.