Here he comes to save the day!

He's able to rescue a sinking Winter Olympics, leap into a financial whirlpool to save the state of Massachusetts and — even when on vacation — find time to soar across the waves on his Jet Ski and tug floundering sailors to shore.

He's Mighty Mitt, Man of Steel.

As if the aura around Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney weren't already burning brightly enough, over the weekend Romney and his sons joined in a rescue effort to save the occupants of a capsized boat on New Hampshire's Lake Winnipesaukee. According to eye-witness reports, the governor "hopped on a Jet Ski, went to the sinking boat and brought people to shore."

The rescued family members, who were vacationing near the Romneys, were "pretty grateful."

Today, Romney's publicity gurus are probably feeling somewhat grateful themselves. At a time when they are trying to position their man for a run for national office, along comes a golden moment to set his image in lead.

Romney's aides will never have to contrast the governor's behavior with the behavior of another Massachusetts icon, Ted Kennedy, when a drowning was imminent. People will do that on their own.

They will never have to name the American heroes who, for one reason or another, have "gone down the drain" in recent years and compare them to "Governor Lifeguard." Others will be happy to do that.

They will never need to dredge up the image of Jimmy Carter on the water, fleeing a "killer rabbit" or have to say things like "He saves on both a global and personal scale."

The press will be happy to oblige.

All the governor's people need to do is smile and nod.

Cynics will keep looking for a chink in the governor's armor, of course. They will keep digging for a fly in the ointment. And though no one would be brash enough to claim nothing will ever be found, for now Olympian Mitt is skimming along on the crest of the waves.

The only thing that could make the lake rescue story even better is if a dog were somehow involved.

Actually, one was.

Along with the family, the Romneys pulled the family pooch from a watery grave.

Without a life jacket, said son Josh, the dog "looked like it wasn't going to last much longer."

The opposite seems true for the governor's political fortunes.