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Judges should be elected

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I read the opinion of the Honorable Judge J. Dennis Frederick of the 3rd District Court in Salt Lake City regarding citizen initiative procedure laws recently passed by the Utah Legislature. Judge Frederick's court does not approve of the new citizen initiative laws and has suggested that the Utah Supreme Court repeal laws that allow citizens to place issues on the ballot for approval or disapproval by the people of Utah.

Judges in Utah are appointed by the governor and not elected by the people. Judges have little or no accountability to the citizens of Utah. Opinions by the Supreme Court of Utah stand as law without comment or discussion by any member of the Legislature or any citizen.

The opinion and recommendation by the Supreme Court is an act that supersedes the decision of the Legislature. Allowing any court to invalidate new law effectively eliminates the voice of the people. Judges and their courts should not be a law unto themselves. Judges should be elected by the people so that they will be accountable to the people.

Scott D. Pedersen