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Woman spends nearly 19 hours in elevator during blackout

SHARE Woman spends nearly 19 hours in elevator during blackout

DETROIT (AP) — When Bettie Lloyd goes back to her 11th floor office Monday morning, she just might take the stairs.

The Detroit Board of Education auditor spent nearly 19 hours of the Northeast blackout stuck alone in a hot, dark elevator in the 75-year-old Fisher Building. Firefighters rescued her Friday after someone finally heeded her pleas for help.

"I was too happy to get out of there," said Lloyd, 52. "I prayed a lot. I said, 'Oh my God, you're here! Thank you!"'

Mark Blackwell, who works for radio station WJR in the 28-story building, said he walked by an elevator car about 9:30 a.m. Friday and heard a faint voice. After realizing someone was stuck he ran for help.

Firefighters arrived and opened the fourth-floor door to the elevator shaft. They used a ladder to climb down to the car and gave her some water to drink before she climbed out.

On Thursday, Lloyd had twice thought she was about to be rescued, when she talked with men who had heard her pleas and had promised to get help. They never returned, and she said she'd like to know what happened.