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Schwarzenegger draws jabs

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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Arnold Schwarzenegger's views on the economy and immigration came under attack Sunday in California's gubernatorial recall campaign, but the GOP front-runner continued to keep a low profile over the Labor Day weekend.

Gov. Gray Davis jabbed at Schwarzenegger's lack of specifics on his economic plan, while state Sen. Tom McClintock, the action star's chief Republican rival, chided him for failing to take a no-new-taxes pledge. Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante, the only prominent Democrat seeking to succeed Davis if he is recalled, attacked him as anti-immigrant.

"As far as I'm concerned, Arnold's going back to the same wedge-issue politics that his mentor, Pete Wilson, suggested to the state of California. It was a time of division in California," Bustamante said on CNN's "Late Edition." "He's wrong in doing this, and he's not going to get a pass from me. We're going to take him on."

Schwarzenegger, who came to the United States from Austria during the late 1960s, has acknowledged voting for Proposition 187, the 1994 initiative that denied some social services to illegal immigrants but has since been mostly voided by the courts.

The measure was championed by Wilson, a Republican who was then governor and is now co-chairman of Schwarzenegger's campaign. Schwarzenegger also was criticized last week about his membership on the advisory board of U.S. English, a group that supports making English the country's official language.

In an extensive radio interview, Schwarzenegger declined to give his opinions about affirmative action or Proposition 54, a measure on the Oct. 7 recall ballot that would ban state government from collecting most racial data.