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UPN’s ‘Jake 2.0' is worth downloading

SHARE UPN’s ‘Jake 2.0' is worth downloading
Christopher Gorham

Christopher Gorham

The producers of "Jake 2.0" (8 p.m., Ch. 24) call their show "The Six Million Dollar Geek" — with good reason.

The entertaining series, which debuts tonight at 8 on UPN/Ch. 24, stars Christopher Gorham as Jake — a National Security Agency computer geek who really wants to be an agent. And he gets his chance after he's accidentally infected with nanites (microscopic robots), which turn him into somewhat of a superman.

He has super strength, hearing and eyesight. He's a "walking, talking, wireless remote" who can interface with computers and crack security codes. He can still get hurt, but the nanites effect quick healing.

But he's still a geek. And Gorham ("The Other Side of Midnight") is just perfect in the part — an engaging guy you like immediately who's nerdy but not too nerdy.

Tonight's premiere is an entertaining hour that sets up the premise and involves some spy games, action, adventure and a good deal of good-natured humor.

The big question is whether "Jake 2.0" will work on a weekly basis. However it turns out, tonight's premiere is certainly worth watching.

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