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Boorish speech offensive

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I've heard the arguments given by Professor Di Paolo about Victorian prissiness regarding words like "leg" and "pregnant," but I don't think that they justify or excuse the level of pornographic, vulgar and profane speech that seems to be sweeping over this society.

We're told that such speech is necessary in entertainment because that's how people really talk, as if we don't know that what we're watching is make-believe.

By a weird reversal, campuses where free speech was once the war cry are now subject to speech codes that are as intolerant of their banned terms as any blue-nosed code from the days of the Puritans.

What we should be concerned about is not whether people are too sensitive to words we speak, but what our speech tells others about us. The truly educated and sophisticated are those who have the vocabulary and self-control to express themselves without sounding like "boors," an old word meaning peasants, which now means people without refinement, manners or understanding.

Allen S. Thorpe

Castle Dale