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World datelines


PANJSHIR VALLEY — Thousands gathered Tuesday at a hilltop mausoleum to mark the anniversary of the assassination of Ahmed Shah Massood, the Northern Alliance leader whose death was seen as the first al-Qaida salvo in the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States.


BUENOS AIRES — Argentina defaulted on a $2.9 billion loan owed to the International Monetary Fund on Tuesday, complicating efforts to restore its standing with the international financial community.


LONDON — The main opposition Conservative Party said Tuesday that the government's plans to rebuild Iraq and restore order there were in a shambles and warned that British forces were overstretched.


MONTREAL — Despite opposition from hardline separatists in Quebec, the government on Tuesday renamed Montreal's Dorval Airport for former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.


BOGOTA — A group of American soldiers helped rescue a women trapped under the engine of a bus that careered off a road southwest of the Colombian capital, killing the driver and one passenger, the U.S. Embassy said Tuesday.

BOGOTA — Human rights defenders, accused by President Alvaro Uribe of being allied with terrorists for criticizing his crackdown on leftist rebels, denounced his comments Tuesday, saying they have endangered their lives.


POECKING — Leni Riefenstahl, whose propaganda masterpiece "Triumph of the Will" glorified an ascendant Adolf Hitler during the Third Reich and forever tainted her as a Nazi hireling, died Monday. She was 101.


VIENNA, Austria — The United States said Tuesday it is willing to give Iran a "last chance" to prove it is not developing nuclear weapons, endorsing a strongly worded proposal at the U.N. atomic energy agency that would require Tehran to open its doors unconditionally to inspectors by the end of October.

TEHRAN — A leading Iranian dissident cleric will resume his religious teaching next week after spending five years under house arrest, his son said Tuesday.


TOKYO — Japan shouldn't consider building its own nuclear arsenal to counter the potential threat of a nuclear-armed North Korea, a top U.S. military official in Japan said Tuesday.


CAREYSBURG — West African peacekeepers took a crucial step toward securing Liberia's peace Tuesday, making their first major move into the volatile countryside and brokering a cease-fire to end the latest battle between rebels and government troops.


UNITED NATIONS — The U.N. Security Council delayed a vote to lift sanctions against Libya until Friday, after France threatened a veto to gain greater compensation for the relatives of people killed in a French airline bombing.


CANCUN — Trade ministers from across the globe sought last-minute alliances Tuesday ahead of a World Trade Organization meeting, while opponents mapped out plans to derail the event in this Caribbean resort.


MONTE CARLO — U.S. sprinter Kelli White committed a doping offense at the World Championships and should be stripped of her two gold medals, track and field's governing body ruled Tuesday.

The International Association of Athletics Federations sent White's case to U.S. track officials for disciplinary action.


SINGAPORE — Singapore confirmed its first new SARS case since the deadly illness was reported contained in July but said the chance of a second major outbreak was low. The World Health Organization sought more tests.


TAIPEI — Taiwan's vice president argued with angry illegal immigrants from rival China during a tour of a detention center Tuesday and accused their government of doing nothing to stop mainland prostitutes from sneaking into Taiwan.