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Ueberroth calls it quits in California recall race

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LOS ANGELES — And then there were 133.

Peter Ueberroth, the former baseball commissioner, dropped out of the race for governor of California on Tuesday, diminishing the crowded field by one of its brand-name candidates but doing little to clarify the outcome of the Oct. 7 recall election.

Ueberroth, whose successful stewardship of the Olympics in Los Angeles almost 20 years ago barely registered with younger voters, decided basically that he did not have any chance of winning.

"Frankly, we cannot see how the numbers work for this candidacy to get across the goal line," he told reporters. "To be practical — I'm a businessman — I've taken a look at what we're doing, and I've said if I can't win, win all the way, I'm going to step out."

The Field poll, released on Tuesday, showed Ueberroth, a Republican running as an independent, winning only 5 percent of the vote.