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Is profit the motive?

SHARE Is profit the motive?

One wonders if it's pure concern for the child that is motivating the Division of Child and Family Services' struggle against Parker Jensen's parental authority.

The boy was diagnosed in May with cancer, and 49 weeks of intense chemotherapy was prescribed. Whoa! That alone is enough to turn an elephant into a moth. Parker's parents decided to search for a less radical treatment — which any loving parent would do. Besides, the boy's condition does not seem to have worsened. He appears alert and full of life. So why all this fuss?

Could it be that Primary Children's Medical Center refuses to forgo a profit? What if the boy dies from the effects of the therapy or becomes a vegetable, will the DCFS and the doctors shed a tear for him? When the bill has been paid, the rest will be history.

Carla E. Sansom