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Dream Act is wrong

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The Dream Act undermines the currently established immigration laws, rewards those who have illegally circumvented the rule of law and is a slap in the face to those who have gone through the painstaking process of legal immigration. Why should those seeking legal visas be forced to pay non-resident tuition etc. while those who've abused the system be rewarded with a significant educational opportunity and savings?

The United States was established on principles of equality. As such, we have two choices: enforce the current laws without regard to the length of the illegal stay in the country or the Dream Act should additionally drop visa and resident tuition requirements to all those currently seeking student visas via legal avenues.

As a son of a legal immigrant and a friend of several who have gone through the tedious process of gaining work and student visas, this act does nothing but reward those seeking to undermine the legal systems in place.

Greg Mortensen