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Game Boy Advance works as video-phone with new attachment

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TOKYO — Nintendo Co.'s Game Boy Advance hand-held machine will work as a videophone with an attachment that comes with a digital camera, earphone and microphone and is expected to go on sale in December only in Japan.

The Campho Advance from Kyoto-based Digital Act Co., which makes mobile and Internet equipment, slips into the top of the Game Boy Advance just like any video-game cassette.

When connected to an analog telephone outlet, the display shows live video of the person on the other end of the line, who must also own both the Game Boy Advance and the Campho Advance. Your own image will show up in the corner of the display.

Campho Advance, which will be priced at 13,000 yen ($110), requires no Internet service provider. Developers, who are also working on a broadband device, have no plans to sell them outside Japan so far, Digital Act spokesman Kazuhisa Saito said Friday.

Nintendo has sold more than 10 million Game Boy Advance machines in Japan, and about 34 million worldwide.