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Liberals out to get Bush

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I find it humorous to find liberals reaching out for anything to grab onto, to try and bash and discredit President Bush.

First, liberals feel that the United Nations should dictate our foreign policy. The liberal message is to not carry a big stick, yet to appease and make deals with terrorists.

Second, liberals blame the economy on Bush.

Are any of these liberals looking at the big picture? Clinton's administration started the recession, not Bush's. Terrorists caused 9/11, not Bush. And now, the Dow is way back up, interest rates at an all-time low, we have lower taxes, etc. So what's the problem? Oh, I guess we aren't giving more money to people who want to leech off the government. I forgot.

Liberals say the Patriot Act is outragous. Let me ask this question: If I said the day after the World Trade Towers came down that there would not be any more terrorist attacks on our soil, wouldn't you have said I was crazy? Obviously, the Patriot Act has done a miraculous job of cutting through the red tape to get rid of scum.

Jacob Franklin

Salt Lake City