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Mayor is shining star

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This afternoon I was at a gathering of minorities at Centro Civico Community Center. People from different races and background came together to support Mayor Rocky Anderson. I have lived in Utah for many years, but I have never felt this closeness before with Hispanic, Native American, people from the west side and other independent individuals in my life.

I was proud to represent the Persian community, which supports Rocky because of his excellent work in Salt Lake City.

Growing up in Iran, I was taught by my parents that truth will always win no matter what. Now, I am thousands of miles away from Iran but I realize this is a universal fact. I believe in Rocky's values make him a shining star, even on an overcast night.

I have become a volunteer for Anderson's campaign and it has been one of the most positive experiences. I am learning to believe in myself as a minority. I am also learning that I can make a difference every day by making the right choices.

I am in Rocky's corner.

Manzar Tabarestani

Salt Lake City