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G. Allen Young, 55, who was serving as president of the Taiwan Kaohsiung Mission, died Sept. 3, 2003. President Young had retired from Utah Power & Light Company after a 23-year career in software design. He had been serving as a mission president since 2001.

Jennie Elaine Wright Erekson, 95, who served with her husband, William Shirley Erekson, when he presided over the Swiss-Austrian Mission from 1959-1962, died Sept. 3, 2003, in Salt Lake City.

Carl Fuhriman, 91, the son of a Utah pioneer, died Aug. 26, 2003. He was born Jan. 27, 1912 in Providence, Utah, to Jacob and Carolina Bollschweiler Fuhriman. Jacob Fuhriman arrived in Utah in 1860, and was 82 years old when Carl was born.