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Jensens are wasting time

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I feel sorry for Parker Jensen. His dad has managed to turn a simple situation into a circus. Three labs have confirmed that Parker has Ewing's sarcoma.

Years ago I shared a hospital room with a young man who had cancer. He, too, had rejected his doctor's advice for conventional treatment and had gone to Mexico to be treated with Laetrile. During the time he was being treated with Laetrile, his cancer continued to progress. He returned to his doctor when the Laetrile failed, but by then it was too late. He died the next day.

Based on the information in the press, this seems like a no-brainer (get the chemo ASAP). It's hard to believe that Parker's family is willing to gamble his life on something unproven when there is help available. I hope it's not too late for Parker's story to have a happy ending.

Ed Jensen