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Artists included in E-Spousing Art show

SHARE Artists included in E-Spousing Art show

James T. Harwood and Hariott R. Harwood

L. Maynard Dixon and Dorothea Lang Dixon

Mahonri M. Young and Dorothy Weir Young

Cornelius Salisbury and Rose H. Salisbury

Calvin Fletcher and Irene T. Fletcher

S. Paul Smith and Ruth Wolf Smith

Theodore M. Wassmer and Judy Lund Wassmer

Robert L. Bliss and Anna Campbell Bliss

Dale T. Fletcher and Leone W. Fletcher

Ed Maryon and Judy Maryon

Don Marshall and Jean Marshall

Warren Luch and Phyllis Luch

Glen L. Edwards and Barbara Summers Edwards

David R. Gagon and Sandy Freckleton Gagon

Joseph Wood Bennion and Lee Udall Bennion

Kurt Knudsen and Rebecca C. Knudsen

Michael Mogus and Sophia Pitakis

Gary C. Barton and Jennifer H. Barton

Clay F. Wagstaff and Rebecca W. Wagstaff

Daniel Barney and Cassandra C. Barney

Larry R. Christensen and Sharlene Christensen

Denis Ray Phillips and Bonnie Gile Phillips

Wulf Erich Barsch and Kristin Barsch

R. Sam Wilson and Kristie Krumbach

David R. Pendell and Ann Chalmers Pendell

W. Niel Hadlock and Karen Hadlock

S. Ray Oman and Anne M. Gregerson

Paul H. Davis and Sylvia Lis Davis

Homer J. Warren and Irene Warren

Wayne L. Geary and Louise B. Fischman

Day Christensen and Jenni J. Christensen

N. Kraig Varner and Sara Follett Varner

James R. Avati and Deborah R. Avati

Edwin Oberbeck and Christina D. Oberbeck