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Botched robbery ends with 5 dead

SHARE Botched robbery ends with 5 dead

WESTLAND, Mich. (AP) — A man opened fire at a convenience store during an apparently botched robbery of the business, killing four people and wounding two others before he and his girlfriend led authorities on a high-speed chase in their Corvette, police said.

The man shot and killed himself in a residential back yard after crashing the car and fleeing on foot with his girlfriend, who was arrested minutes later in the same yard.

Police Chief Dan Pfannes said Leslie Gordon, 24, acted as a lookout Thursday night as Michael Lamont Schofield, 30, fired one shot each into the two clerks and four customers at Neil's Party Store in Westland, a Detroit suburb.

"It was an absolute tragedy for those people," Pfannes said. "It could have been me, you, or anyone."

Gordon was arraigned Friday on four counts of first-degree premeditated murder and two counts of attempted murder, among other charges. She was not represented by an attorney, but requested that one be appointed for her.

According to Wayne County Prosecutor Michael Duggan and police, Gordon's participation included letting two of the victims into the store after the shootings had begun, and wiping off the door before the pair fled.

While robbery appeared to be the motive, the suspects drove off before taking anything.

Pfannes said two employees were alone in the store when the couple came in. He said Schofield shot and killed Feras Yousif, 29, who was the owner's nephew. Conrad Hasper, a 24-year-old part-time employee, was wounded, Pfannes said.

Two customers entered the store during the robbery. Schofield shot and killed one of them, James Kuebler, 35, and wounded the other, Fuad Abuali, 29, Pfannes said.

Just before the pair fled, Schofield shot and killed two more customers who had just parked near the door, Pfannes said.

Schofield was convicted in 1987 of second-degree murder for shooting and killing a classmate at a Detroit high school, Duggan said. He remained in custody until his 19th birthday.