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Quotes from the series

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"It was really hard. I stood inside the entry way. I was nauseous the whole time, and PJ got really sick." — Loydene Berg, Peter Berg's widow on returning to Chevys on the anniversary of her husband's death

"She (Whitney) was a very strong little girl. There were times throughout the investigation when Whitney wanted to talk to (Quinn) Martinez. She wanted to ask him 'Why?' It was unusual because most victims are so angry." — Sandy police detective Travis Peterson describing the child who saw her father killed

"They include the man who shot Peter in their prayers." — David Miller, LDS bishop of the Berg family

"You are never the same. The more I dwell on it, and the more it is stirred … the more it is rubbed in your face and the more angry you get, the worse off you are." — Yvonne Rasmussen, mother of murder victim Jason Rasmussen

"For the victims of crimes and their families, the system is long and it's hard. It's grueling for these people, and it happens at a very vulnerable time for them." — Bob Stott, Chief Salt Lake County prosecutor on the Chevys case

"The stress of it was unreal, and it still continues. It wasn't just the stress. It was hearing the traumatic way in which he was killed." — Yvonne Rasmussen