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Local births

Due to recent changes in federal legislation (the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act), some hospitals have decided to no longer release information on babies born after April 13, 2003. The Deseret News will no longer receive birth lists from Alta View, American Fork, Cottonwood, LDS, McKay Dee and Orem hospitals and Utah Valley Regional Medical Center.

Birth and Family Place

SHARP, Kelly and Brian, Magna, girl, Sept. 9

Davis Hospital and Medical Center

ANDERSON, Brooke Ann and Jason Kraig, Garland, boy, Aug. 28

ANDERTON, Allison and Jeffrey Jon, Kaysville, girl, Aug. 17

ASHBY, Amie Rebecca and John David, Layton, girl, Aug. 31

BAKER, Stacy Rose and Shane Ray, Layton, twin boys, Aug. 30

BEITEL, Brandi Lynn and Troy Jason, Clearfield, girl, Aug. 25

BELL, Julie Ann and BECK, Jacob Richardson, Clearfield, girl, Aug 21

BRAILSFORD, Staci Lynn and BATTISTI, Mario James, Ogden, boy, Aug. 26

BRANDT, Anneli Arliss and Seth Colan, Clinton, girl, Aug. 27

BURACK, Colleen Shannon and Christopher, Roy, boy, Aug. 26

BUTLER, Julie and Corry Mickelson, Corrine, boy, Aug. 21

CARPENTER, Tiffani Jean, Ogden, girl, Aug. 30

CARVER, Rebecca Maria and Casey Kevin, Clearfield, boy, Aug. 25

CHATTERTON, Diane and Larry Clyde, Syracuse, boy, Aug. 18

CHAVEZ, Brandy Lee and Nazario Ortega, Clinton, girl. Aug. 17

CLOUGH, Jennifer Anne and Adam Leslie, Ogden, boy, Aug. 19

COOK, Jenny and Rod Forrest, Centerville, girl, Aug. 18

COPELAND, Heather Lynne and Brian Matthew, Layton, boy, Aug. 21

CORNFORD, Angela Lynn and Ronald Scott, Roy, girl, Aug. 21

DAVENPORT, Janae Ruth and Daren Layne, Syracuse, girl, Aug. 27

DAVIES, Connie and Kevin James, Layton, boy, Aug. 19

DERU, Allison and Daren Curt, Layton, girl, Aug. 21

EUBANK, Jana Lynn and Kevin Mark, Bountiful, girl, Aug. 28

FARLEY, Holly, Clearfield, boy, Aug. 30

FARRIS, Mechelle and Jason Lee, Roy, boy, Aug. 31

FORSYTH, Jillanne and Don Wade, Clearfield, boy, Aug. 29

GANNOTSKAYA, Liliya Borisovna and Aleksandr Mitrofanvich, Clinton, girl, Aug. 24

GATEHOUSE, Jeanette and Troy Craig, Sunset, boy, Aug. 25

GUZMAN, Lissette Lisa and Carlos Adnvar, Hill Air Force Base, girl, Aug. 18

HARRIS, Keri June, Clearfield, boy, Aug. 26

HARRIS, Rebecca Denise and Scott Lowell, Layton, girl, Aug. 29

HASS, Sasha Mae Rachel, Clearfield, girl, Aug. 19

HEARNE, Naomi Shari and Caesar Rodney, Layton, boy, Aug. 17

HERNANDEZ, Genieve Carmen and Pete, Roy, boy, Aug. 22

HIXSON, Brandie Nicole and Todd Lewis, Layton, girl, Aug. 29

HOPKINS, Karen and William Patrick, Clinton, girl, Aug. 28

HOUST, Pattsie Karreen and Adam Scott, Hill Air Force Base, boy, Aug. 16

HUGHES, Rohini and Matthew Ernest, Layton, boy, Aug. 23

JEWKES, Mary Frances and Thomas Allen, Ogden, boy, Aug. 18

JOHNSON, JulieAnn and Cortney Carter, Plain City and Ogden, twins boy and girl, Aug. 26

JONES, Amanda and Brandon Kent, Kaysville, boy, Aug. 29

JONES, Dawn Eloise and Steven Earl, Ogden, girl, Aug. 16

KAUFUSI, Kimberly Rachelle and Samuel, West Point, boy, Aug. 16

KEEVER, Charissa DeEtte and Michael David, Clearfield, boy, Aug. 18

KEKACS, Elisha Anne and Scott Michael, Roy, boy, Aug. 17

KIRK, Jean Lea and James Aaron, Layton, girl, Aug. 26

KOLP, Mae An Taicaque and John IV, Clearfield, girl, Aug. 18

LARSEN, Jesica and MARTIN, Jeremy Thomas, Layton, boy, Aug. 16

LOGAN, Elizabeth Ann and Justin Ray, Kaysville, girl, Aug. 26

LONDON, Natalie, Layton, girl, Aug. 18

MARBERGER, Rebecca Lynn and JENKINS, Chris Alton, North Salt Lake, boy, Aug. 26

MARTIN, Detoea Rashawn and Michael Paul, Roy, boy, Aug. 28

MATHIAS, Kelli Ann and Kelvin Lee, Kaysville, girl, Aug. 29

MATHIS, Susan and Nicholas Gary, South Ogden, girl, Aug. 16

McLAUGHLIN, Shayna Dawn and Jamey Dale, Syracuse, boy, Aug. 21

McMERRICK, Heather Marie and Michael Jay, Clinton, boy, Aug. 21

MITCHELL, Tricia and Chad Thomas, Hill Air Force Base, girl, Aug. 19

MONTANO, Cassie Ann and Brian Keith, Roy, girl, Aug. 29

MOON, Daisy Leilani and Nathan Brice, Kaysville, boy, Aug. 30

NASH, Sheree Kay and John Allen, Layton, twin boys, Aug. 22

NORDBERG, Caralee and Jasen John, Sunset, girl, Aug. 29

OTT, Kathleen Amelia and David Layton, Clearfield, boy, Aug. 18

PARK, Jennine Maria and David Richard, Fruit Heights, boy, Aug. 21

PFISTER, Allison Lee and Jason Briant, Roy, boy, Aug. 28

RAHEEM, Tamara Lynn and Joshua, Layton, girl, Aug. 22

RAINEY, Miranda Lynn and Thomas Jacob, Roy, boy, Aug. 19

RICKS, Kathryn Ann and Brian Frank, Layton, girl, Aug. 21

ROSQVIST, Tricia Anne, Bountiful, boy, Aug. 23

SALES, Carmenchu and Raymundo Rarogal, Hill Air Force Base. girl, Aug. 26

SAUNDERS, Bridgette Anne and James Martin, Layton, girl, Aug. 28

SCHNETZER, Andrea and Randy Lee, Layton, boy, Aug. 23

SHERMAN, Kristy and Andrew Jacob, Layton, boy, Aug. 27

SMOTHERS, Angela Marge and Terrence Steven, Harrisville, twin boys, Aug. 18

SPENCER, Robynn Alona and Rex Dale, Layton, boy, Aug. 26

SPROUSE, Kathryn Ann and Eugene Matthew Jr., Clearfield, boy, Aug. 28

STECK, Laralee and Ryan David, Roy, girl, Aug. 30

STEPHENS, Sheri and Joel Dell, Clearfield, boy, Aug. 18

SWAIN, Sharon Lyn and Jonathan Todd, Kaysville, girl, Aug. 30

SWEETEN, Judy and Jesse Rich, Layton, girl, Aug. 19

THOMAS, Stefanie Noelle and Arthur Wilson, Clinton, boy, Aug. 19

THURGOOD, Hilery Elaine and Jacob T., Clearfield, boy, Aug. 25

TISDALE, Giny and Christopher Lee, Kaysville, girl, Aug. 25

TOONE, Amelia and John Daniel, Kaysville, boy, Aug. 21

TYNER, Tamara Ann and Leonard Scott Jr., Layton, girl, Aug. 21

VAN UITERT, Jennifer Kimball and Todd Ray, Woods Cross, boy, Aug. 31

VAUGHAN, Robyn Adele and James Simon, West Haven, girl, Aug. 22

VOORHEES, Jacquelyn and James David, Roy, girl, Aug. 18

WADE, Blair M. and Lucas Scott, Clearfield, girl, Aug. 28

WHIMPEY, Angela Jo and Blaine Howard, Morgan, boy, Aug. 23

WILLIAMS&#lt; Angela Dawn and Kirt Lester, Syracuse, boy, Aug. 29

WOODWARD, Tara C. and HILL, Jason Daniel, Syracuse, girl, Aug. 18