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Y. museum offers Saturday Safaris

SHARE Y. museum offers Saturday Safaris

PROVO — Children ages 5-10 can go on Saturday Safari this fall at the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum at Brigham Young University.

Classes are Saturdays from 9:30 a.m. to noon at the museum. Cost is $8 per class due one week prior to class. Fall classes include:

Sept. 27: "The Big Top" Learn about all types of circus animals, from white tigers to elephants.

Oct. 4: "Underground Animals" Dig deep into the world of underground animals and try to learn all of their deep dark secrets.

Oct. 11: "Camouflage" Learn about mammals, insects, and fish that use their coloration for protection.

Oct. 18: "Animals with Long Tongues" The class will discuss the long sticky tongues of the anteaters, the giraffe and even the chameleon.

Oct. 25: "Halloween Creatures"The class will tiptoe through the world of spiders, bats, and rats as they learn about these seemingly scary creatures and find they are not so frightening.

Nov. 1: "The Land Down Under" Explore the animals of the Australian Outback, including the kangaroo, the koala and even crocodiles.

Nov. 8: "Funny Teeth" The class will learn about the craziest teeth in the animal kingdom. From big teeth to little teeth, sharp to dull.

Nov. 15: "World's Fastest" The class will discuss the world's fastest animals, from reptiles to fish to mammals.

Call 378-5051 for more information.