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Warning for plant pilferer

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For some mysterious person, our extreme dearth of precipitation appears to have inspired a dearth of decency. For much of the summer, I've been laboring in my front yard converting my water-wasting lawn to a water-wise landscape. I've spent weeks hauling compost, topsoil and mulch. I installed a drip irrigation system and planted dozens of grasses and perennials.

With the summer heat finally abating, the plants in the front parking strip had finally begun getting established. But my pride turned to dismay when I discovered a thief had stolen three drought-tolerant plants.

What's next? Stealing tricycles, lawn ornaments and Christmas lights?

In my opinion, this plant pilferer has no green thumb, just a dark heart and a dirty mind. Next time, I'll leave the gate unlocked and the dog — named Cujo — unleashed.

John Daley

Salt Lake City