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Have a cone on the 22nd

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For the past four years, our family, friends and other associates have been trying to get a U.S. postage stamp issued on Sept. 22, 2003. This is to celebrate the 100th birthday of the ice cream cone or to honor Italo Marchinoy, who has the U.S. patent No. 746971 for the ice cream cone.

It looks like this is not going to happen. So we wish to thank all those that wrote letters or helped in any way.

We feel that the ice cream cone should be honored. It's as much an "American tradition" as baseball, apple pie and the American flag. As a family tradition for 16 years our family has had a birthday party for our friends and neighbors celebrating the ice cream cone.

Since this Sept. 22 will be on a Monday, it would be great if all families had an ice cream cone to celebrate the cone's 100th birthday.

Gordon Christensen and family