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‘Self-reliance’ is fantasy

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Responding to Richard Ferguson's "My View" (Sept. 14), I would argue that while his plan of "self-reliance" works well for the wealthy, it utterly fails the average working man. The government programs set up by the New Deal (fair labor standards, Social Security, unemployment, etc.) are there to protect us from the effects of capitalism's lack of human regard.

Consider the conditions before these programs were in place and what it would be like now: one in four American workers out of a job, no labor protections, no concept of health care for the average worker, and tens of millions left without retirement because of no FDIC or Social Security.

The Great Depression would be upon us again with poverty everywhere and no aid available from anyone but churches and charitable organizations.

No, Mr. Ferguson, we tried that approach once. Historically and realistically, we know that as income increases, so does spending, but not to charity. Thus, "we the people" maintain these programs for our benefit and our children's benefit.

Toby Dillon