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Rock on

Bottom line

Nice crowd at the Utah-Cal game last week.

Forty-six-thousand-seven-hundred-sixty-eight, to be specific.

But there's a catch: Thousands of the tickets were giveaways.

The good news is people actually came. (That tactic has never worked for the women's basketball team.) Still, in college football, it's all about TV revenue and paid admission. So the next move is obvious: Attract paying customers for the Oct. 3 game against Oregon.

Bodies in the stadium are nice.

Dollars in the bank are imperative.

Utah Cardinals

Attendance concerns are everywhere. Take the Arizona Cardinals, for instance.

Official Sunday crowd: 23,127.

What to do?

Move them to Salt Lake, naturally.

Rocky terrain

New Mexico football coach Rocky Long spent much of last week complaining that BYU is the next thing to a BCS team. He noted the school's facilities, resources and, of course, it's advantage in recruiting LDS players.

What he didn't point out are the disadvantages, such as the honor code — which discourages many players from even considering BYU. The required religion classes can be a deterrent to many non-LDS players, too.

Nor does Long take into account the nightmarish task of coordinating missionary comings and goings.

Truth is, BYU has advantages in some areas, disadvantages in others.

Rock On advice to Rocky: Shut up and play.

Cutting edge

Oregon's football team recently spent $3.2 million to renovate its locker rooms. The inner sanctum now includes three flat-panel plasma TVs, worth $15,000 each.

The Oregonian also reports that each locker has vents that dry wet equipment while it hangs.

Wow. The Utah locker room doesn't even have regular TVs with rabbit ears.

But I understand they're installing an Etch-a-Sketch in every cubicle.

Word scrabble

Miami Herald writer Jeff Miller has researched the NCAA's All-Typo team. Included on the honor roll: Florida's Dwright Jackson, Ohio State's Redgie Arden, Florida State's Jhermaine McAroy, Maryland's Jamahl Cochran and Kansas State's Alax Carrier.

It brings to memory former PCL and big league catcher Doug Gwodsz, whose visit to Salt Lake prompted one sportswriter to say, "His name looks like what happens when my 3-year-old gets hold of the typewriter."

Already done

After going 9-71 in its last 80 conference football games, Vanderbilt has announced plans to merge its intercollegiate sports with intramurals.

Sounds to me like that already happened.

That perfect season

Former Minnesota football coach Jim Wacker, who died last month, is credited with a quote from the 1994 season, in which the Gophers became the first 11th-place team in Big Ten history.

"I used to think that was mathematically impossible. It just shows what you can do if you stay focused," he once said.

So keep your eyes on the prize, Aggies.

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