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Recent U.S. Hurricanes

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Major hurricanes to strike the United States in the past 30 years:

Hurricane Floyd, 1999: Came ashore near Cape Fear, N.C., on Sept. 16 and continued along the coast into New England. Caused 56 deaths, $4.6 billion in damage.

Hurricane Andrew, 1992: Most destructive U.S. hurricane on record. Blasted across south Florida on Aug. 24, struck Louisiana coast two days later. Caused 23 deaths, $35 billion in damage, mostly in Florida.

Hurricane Hugo, 1989: Made landfall near Charleston, S.C., on Sept. 22. Storm surges swamped coast from Charleston to Myrtle Beach. Caused 21 deaths on mainland United States, $9.7 billion in damage.

Hurricane Alicia, 1983: Battered Galveston and Houston on Aug. 18. Glass littered streets in downtown Houston as wind broke windows in high-rise buildings. Caused 21 deaths, $3.4 billion in damage.

Hurricane Agnes, 1972: Hit Florida Panhandle on Aug. 19, then headed north, reaching New York three days later. Produced severe flooding from Virginia to New York. Caused 122 deaths, $8.6 billion in damage.

— Associated Press