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Jensens are in denial

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As a survivor of Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia and three years of intense chemotherapy treatment, I understand the feelings and thoughts of the Jensen family as they face this terrible disease. I, too, was diagnosed at Parker's age. But I feel that their complete refusal of chemotherapy treatment for their son is both dangerous and foolish.

Chemotherapy is a poison, as so many have said, but Parker Jensen will die without it. The stuff is foul and awful, but cancer is much worse. Chemotherapy stole three years of my childhood, but I am positive that cancer would have stolen the rest of my life without treatment. This is the hand I was given. I dealt with it and am now very happy and very healthy. The Jensens have a choice of two evils; please don't let denial take this child's life.

John Wiest

Age 16