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Main Street Plaza time line

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1998 — Mayor Deedee Corradini asks the LDS Church to buy the block of Main Street between North Temple and South Temple streets.

1999 — LDS Church purchases block for $8.1 million on condition it can restrict protests. City retains easement that allows public passage across the plaza.

First Unitarian Church files lawsuit (now dubbed "Main Street I") against Salt Lake City questioning legality of restrictions on free speech along a public easement.

2000 — LDS Church completes construction of Main Street Plaza.

May 2001 — The U.S. District Court in Utah upholds the constitutionality of the church's restrictions.

August 2001 — ACLU asks U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals to reverse district court decision.

October 2002 — 10th Circuit Court reverses district court and declares the sidewalks in the Main Street Plaza a public forum.

December 2002 — Mayor Rocky Anderson proposes time, manner and place regulations for plaza protests. Church rejects proposals.

July 2003 — City gives up easement, granting full control of the plaza to the LDS Church. Deal includes money from Alliance for Unity ($4 million), LDS Church ($250,000) and businessman James Sorenson ($500,000 and 2.54 acres) for a new community center.

August 2003 — ACLU files suit ("Main Street II") in U.S. District Court in Utah challenging the constitutionality of Salt Lake City's deal to relinquish the easement.