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BYU quarterback Beck says he won’t shy away

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PROVO — You can't fault freshman quarterback John Beck if he tries to keep an eye on all body parts and pieces as he makes his first start Saturday against Stanford in only his third college football game.

You'll remember that two weeks ago at Southern California, Beck scrambled to ramble in the open field late in the game, only to suffer a concussion when sandwiched by two Trojan defenders.

And remember that first-half series of three plays in the opener against Georgia Tech, where he suffered the trifecta of QB indignities — a fumble, a sack and an interception. He took a hard hit on the sack, thinking it resulted in a bruised nose — only to find out just a couple of days ago he had a cracked nose.

Busted nose, concussion, and who knows what might come Saturday against the Cardinal. But it's all new for Beck.

"I've never been injured — and I've been playing tackle football since age 8," he said, then mused, "I don't know what it is with these first two games — maybe just some little reminders from coming back off my mission that maybe my body got a little soft."

Actually, he's not going into Saturday's game thinking he's jinxed or a marked man when it comes to injuries.

"I'm not going to shy away or anything," he said. "I am going to shy away from somebody trying to take my head off and getting another concussion, but just another hit — no."