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Guns protect families

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It is a shame that no one in the Chevys restaurant had a concealed carry permit and a handgun by their side.

As a wife and mother, my only question is, "Husbands and fathers, are you prepared to provide protection against a gun-wielding, drug-addicted, murdering, evil rapist?" It does not matter whether it's in a restaurant, at a concert or even in your home, you have a God-given responsibility to protect your family from harm.

For those of you who may not feel comfortable carrying a handgun by your side, there is awesome training and plenty of opportunity to gain experience and skill in the use of a firearm. Every man and woman who chooses to "keep and bear arms" has a great responsibility and should prepare themselves to defend others against societal predators. And for those of you who choose not to "keep and bear arms," be grateful for others who are willing to protect your family for you!

Sherry Wimmer

Co-owner of zionsdefense.net