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‘Grandpa Munster’ alive despite surgical horrors

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After the summer he's had, Al Lewis, who played Grandpa Munster in the '60s sitcom "The Munsters," figures the odds were against him that he'd survive.

Lewis, 93, checked into Manhattan's Mount Sinai Hospital for his third angioplasty on June 30, Newsday reported. During the heart procedure, an artery ruptured. To stop the blood flow, doctors performed an emergency bypass. That produced serious clotting in his extremities and the threat of gangrene, the newspaper said. His right leg was amputated just below the knee. The five toes on his left foot also were amputated.

It was several days after he came out of a monthlong coma that he first learned about his leg, Newsday said. Only later, did he begin asking the usual questions: "Why me? Who chose me for this role? I don't remember auditioning for this?"

He's now recovering at Coler-Goldwater Specialty Hospital on Roosevelt Island.