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1. The Teeth of the Tiger, —/1

by Tom Clancy

2. The DaVinci Code, 1/22

by Dan Brown

3. Blindside, 3/3

by Catherine Coulter

4. To the Nines, 2/5

by Janet Evanovich

5. A Place of Hiding, 5/3

by Elizabeth George

6. Street Dreams, 4/2

by Faye Kellerman

7. Naked Empire, 6/4

by Terry Goodkind

8. The Devil Wears Prada, 10/18

by Lauren Weisberger

9. The Lovely Bones, 9/60

by Alice Sebold

10. Beachcomber, —/1

by Karen Robards


1. Kate Remembered, 1/6

by A. Scott Berg

2. Living History, 5/10

by Hillary Rodham Clinton

3. Benjamin Franklin, 2/7

by Walter Isaacson

4. Treason, 4/8

by Ann Coulter

5. Under the Banner 3/5

of Heaven,

by Jon Krakauer

6. Seabiscuit: Special Illustrated 6/4

Collector's Edition,

by Laura Hillenbrand

7. Moneyball, 8/14

by Michael Lewis

8. A Short History 9/14

of Nearly Everything,

by Bill Bryson

9. Sleeping with the Devil, —/3

by Robert Baer

10. The Kennedy Curse, 7/6

by Edward Klein


1. The South Beach Diet, 1/19

by Arthur Agatston

2. The Purpose-Driven Life, 2/31

by Rick Warren

3. The Essential 55, 3/8

by Ron Clark

4. Atkins for Life, 4/30

by Robert C. Atkins

5. Schott's Original Miscellany, 5/3

by Ben Schott

Rankings reflect sales figures at almost 4,000 bookstores plus wholesalers serving 50,000 other retailers (gift shops, department stores, newsstands, supermarkets), statistically weighted to represent sales in all such outlets nationwide. An (x) indicates that a book's sales are barely distinguishable from those of the book above.