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Fees look a lot like taxes

SHARE Fees look a lot like taxes

I was sorting my way through a stack of old mail when I noticed the June edition of the "Provo City Community Update." I decided to give it a quick read before sending it to the round file.

In the update, Mayor Lewis K. Billings praised Provo and how its "fiscal house is in order" and "priorities are in place." He then gave some specific bulleted points to provide more detail. The first point was "No new taxes or increases in old ones." The second-to-last point was "The budget for the new fiscal year proposes a 50 cent per month increase to the per can waste collection fee, a new cell phone fee, and a few minor adjustments to the Emergency Medical Services and 911 dispatch fees."

Oh, I get it! These aren't really new taxes, just new fees.

If it looks like a tax and acts like a tax, it's a tax.

Richard K. Gilbert