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Why are you attending BYU?

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Because it's an LDS college and I believe in the church. That's exactly why I'm here. And for a good education.

Curtis Lefrandt

Aiea, Hawaii

freshman, English

I came here because a lot of my friends from my mission in California were here and because my mission president said, "You go get an application and send it in, that's an order." I stayed because the program I'm in is No. 3 in the nation.

Angel Fernandez

Santiago, Dominican Republic

senior, accounting

I wanted to be around a lot of Mormons my age. It has a good program and it's convenient because I have a lot of relatives here.

Amber Ruiz

Napa Valley, Calif.

junior, early childhood development

I heard BYU had good moral standards, nice people, a good staff and a long history of success. This is my first time on campus. It's kind of overwhelming. That's why I'm here, though, to be challenged.

Ryan Bailey

Cedar Falls, Iowa

sophomore, engineering

Obviously the environment is conducive to my beliefs. I've been a Cougar fan all my life, and I think the education is one of the best you can get in the state.

John Nelsen

Salt Lake City

senior, Spanish