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10 marks of an ideal community

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The ideal community has 10 characteristics, according to Kathleen Kovner Kline, a child psychologist from Dartmouth University. Kline, along with 31 other researchers, offer this list in a new study called "Hardwired to Connect."

1. The best community is a social institution that includes children and youth.

2. It treats children as ends in themselves.

3. It is warm and nurturing.

4. It establishes clear limits and expectations.

5. The core of the work is performed largely by nonexperts.

6. It is multigenerational.

7. It has a long-term focus.

8. It reflects and transmits a shared understanding of what it means to be a good person.

9. It encourages spiritual and religious development.

10. It is philosophically oriented to the equal dignity of all persons and to the principle of love of neighbor.