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300 are evacuated due to cyanide spill

SHARE 300 are evacuated due to cyanide spill

Some 300 employees were evacuated from a business Friday afternoon after a cyanide spill.

Emergency crews were called at 1:38 p.m. after a worker at L3 Communications, 640 N. 2200 West, was exposed to a small amount of cyanide that spilled in a lab, Salt Lake fire spokesman Dennis McKone said.

The 70 percent solution used to melt down gold and silver was in a 3-quart beaker when it either tipped or was knocked over, McKone said.

The lab worker had a small spot on his clothing and was decontaminated by the company's hazardous materials response team. Fire crews also responded and decontaminated the man, who was then taken by ambulance to a local hospital for observation. Six other employees were also treated and released at the scene, McKone said.

The roughly 300 employees of the company were sent home for the day as a hazardous materials cleanup company decontaminated the scene.