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ACLU has gone overboard

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Lori Burnett of Sandy is our Deseret Morning News Letter Writer of the Month for August. A native of Sandy, her tongue-in-cheek look at the current separation of religion and state issue not only lightened a grim debate, but prompted responses from several other readers.

"I hope people have a sense of humor," she says. She says raising four boys has given her one.

This was her second letter to a newspaper. Her first was during the Reagan administration when she wrote about the need for a "Vice presidential beauty pageant." We hope to hear from her more regularly in the future.

When I first read the article on the ACLU's search for Ten Commandment monuments, I looked at the date to see if it was April 1. Since it was August, I thought maybe the newspaper had printed a page of an Orwell novel by mistake.

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

I chose to laugh. Then I thought, why stop there?

I want Brian Barnard and the ACLU to sue on my behalf to get rid of city names that are religious in nature. St. George will now be George, Brigham City will be City, and Lehi, Nephi, Manti, Moab and a thousand other Utah city names must now be changed. After all, they are all probably "code words." Then, after they pay me a boatload of money, I will give it to the ACLU because that money contains the most subversive message of all: In God We Trust!

Lori Burnett