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Health costs unhealthful

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Today, as I noticed the many new medical buildings along 500 West in Provo, near the hospital, several thoughts occurred to me: Rising costs, in the area of Medicaid, are literally bankrupting the budgets in more than half of our states. Europe is struggling with unpayable pension bills. Young people are faced with rising taxes to support an outdated Social Security system worldwide. Our economic health anywhere doesn't look too good.

California is a bellwether state representing the symptoms of a terminal disease: overspending and underproducing (more serious than AIDS or SARS).

Many magazine and newspaper articles point out the need for change in health care. The Economist of Sept. 6 echoes this concern. Do a group of people who mouth the idea of a word of wisdom have something to learn from the Seventh-day Adventists, who practice more prevention than cure? Would a new approach be better than the "invasion of medical authoritarians" that is changing the face of 500 West?

Cloyd Bird