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Bush critics in blame mode

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The Democrats bemoan the amount of time our nation may be in Iraq. How long did it take for the Democrats to get us in and out of World War I? How long for World War II? A Democrat got us into Korea, and a Republican got us out. The Democrats again got us involved in Vietnam, and the Republicans got us out.

The two most recent Democratic presidents talked tough and did very little, thus encouraging new militant actions. They criticize President Bush because weapons of mass destruction have not been located. No one mentions the possibility that these weapons may have been shipped across national borders into other countries.

Hussein was given a lot of years by Carter to perfect his systems of hiding weapons and making arrangements with other aggressive nations to receive and store them.

Clinton's inadequate action in other situations, such as the World Trade Center bombing in 1995, certainly must have given encouragement to murderous radicals.

Critics seem quite willing to place blame on this country before the world.

Gail Nielsen

St. George