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Local births

Due to recent changes in federal legislation (the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act), some hospitals have decided to no longer release information on babies born after April 13, 2003. The Deseret News will no longer receive birth lists from Alta View, American Fork, Cottonwood, LDS, McKay Dee and Orem hospitals and Utah Valley Regional Medical Center.

Jordan Valley Hospital

SANDSTROM, Jamie and Roky Michael, Draper, girl, Sept. 15

SHARP, Brooke and David Elvis, West Valley City, boy, Sept. 10

SHARPLES, Lisa Dawn and Stephen Layne. Kearns, girl, Sept. 7

SHUTT, Jodi Ann and Allan John, West Jordan, girl, Sept. 3

SMITH, Jamie and Dustin Wade, Spanish Fork, girl, Sept. 9

SNARR, Vanessa Lin and Dayton James, South Jordan, girl, Sept. 15

SORENSEN, Sheri Louise and Donald Irvin, Taylorsville, boy, Sept. 10

STOCK, Jennifer and Jacob Clifford, West Jordan, boy, Sept. 9

SUGDEN, Melissa Sue-Ann and Jeffrey Kenneth, West Jordan, boy, Sept. 17

SWAPP. Stacy Dawn and David William, South Jordan, boy, Sept. 4

TIMOTHY, Stephanie Ruth and Ryan Lynn, Holladay-Cottonwood, boy, Sept. 4

TIPPETTS, Elizabeth and Brad Justin, Murray, boy, Sept. 16

VASQUEZ, Sara Rose and GARCIA, Francisco Enrique, Midvale, boy, Sept. 9

WAKEMAN, Ann Catherine and Steven Dale, West Jordan, boy, Sept. 15

WHITE, Shelly Uvada and Christopher Wayne, Kearns, boy, Sept. 7

WINDER, Mindy Jo and James Christopher, Midvale, boy, Sept. 6

YOUNG, Heather Michelle and Guy Byron, Midvale, girl, Sept. 13

Ogden Regional Medical Center

ARRELLANO, Christine Leah and Samuel John, Syracuse, boy, Sept. 5

BAILEY, Mariah and Mark Harmon, Syracuse, boy, Sept. 1

BAROWSKI, Nancy Dorothy and Charles Paul, Harrisville, boy, Sept. 5

BROADBENT, Amy and Kevin Todd, West Point, girl, Sept. 6

DIAL, Melissa Rachelle and Edasmo Garcia, Roy, girl, Sept. 3

FEYEREISEN, Kristie Lee and William Dean Jr., Pleasant View, boy, Sept. 5

FIEUW, Darci Leigh and Ludovic Mickael, Tremonton, boy, Sept. 3

GODFREY, Hyunjoo and Jason W., Ogden, boy, Sept. 4

GOMEZ, Alicia and Sergio, Roy, boy, Sept. 4

HARTIGAN, Julee and ALEJANDRA, Leo, Ogden, girl, Sept. 1

HOWELL, Rosinel and Kameron Kiser, Ogden, twin girls, Sept. 5

ISLAS, Sandra and Jose DeJesus, Ogden, boy, Sept. 4

JENKINS, Kelli Ann and Erik Scott, Plain City, girl, Sept. 2

KENNELLY, Christine Evelyn and William Ethan, Syracuse, boy, Sept. 3

LEE, Tami Ann and MOSS, Brandon Robert, Roy, boy, Sept. 3

MacARTHUR, Stacey and Jeffrey David, Roy, boy, Sept. 5

MARTINEZ, Kali Noel and Randy Alex Sr., Ogden, girl, Sept. 5

MARTINEZ, Selena Guadalupe and Daniel David Sr., Ogden, girl, Sept. 5

MATTHEWS, Tobey Jean and Walton Eugene, Ogden, girl, Sept. 3

MOORE, Tracy Lynn and Craig Dwight, Roy, girl, Sept. 3

NOORDA, JEnnifer Jean and Jared S., Brigham City, boy, Sept. 6

OLSEN, Brooke and Brett William, Kaysville, boy, Sept. 4

PEISTER, Sharlene Nicole and Quinn Michael, North Ogden, girl, Sept. 4

POE, Marilyn Vera and Josh William, Clearfield, boy, Sept. 3

POPE, Tera Lynn and Steven Jared, Bountiful, boy, Sept. 5

PRICE, Angela Shay and Travis F., Sunset, boy, Sept. 7

SALISBURY, Janae Darline and Nathan Stewart, South Weber, boy,Sept. 5

SHAFFER, Stacie Ann and Shane Allen, Ogden, boy, Sept. 1

SHORT, Amber Dawn, Ogden, boy, Sept. 8

SHUMAN, Lorie Ann and Brent Warren, Roy, girl, Sept. 4

VALDEZ, Kristen and ALONZO, Roy Douglas, Ogden, boy, Sept. 7

WEBER, Crystal Louise and Jeffrey Earl, Ogden, girl, Sept. 5

WHITING, Jennifer and Jameson Marlow, Syracuse, boy, Sept. 5

ZONDERVON, Margo Lynn and Richard Zachery, Clearfield, girl, Sept. 2

Salt Lake Regional Medical Center

ANDREWS, Vicki Renee and Rick Michael, Midvale, boy, Aug. 28

BOWEN, Lorilee and Travis, Coalville, girl, Aug. 30

BURTON, Lonny Kae and Patrick Todd, Midvale, boy, Sept. 3

CASTLEBERRY, Carrie Yochiko and Richard Timothy, Bountiful, girl, Sept. 1

CORTEZ, Rosa Angelica and ROMERO, Pedro Cortez, Salt Lake City, boy, Sept. 1

CROCKETT, Camie Marie and Michael Lynn, Layton, boy, Sept. 2

GUET, Gavhi Goukouni and DJALAL, Saleh Ibrahim, Salt Lake City, girl, Aug. 31

HOUSENICK, Nicole and Ronald Lee, South Jordan, girl, Aug. 31

HUERTA RODRIGUEZ, Angelina and ESCAMIROSA, Isidro Jr., Salt Lake City, boy, Aug. 28

JACKSON, Marissa and Jeffrey David, Salt Lake City, girl, Aug. 31

KOEHLER, Rebecca Jean and Scott Allan, Grantsville, girl, Sept. 3

LARSON, Meghan Kate and Eric Preston, Riverton, boy, Aug. 29

LOPEZ, Maria del Socorro and LOPEZ SERRATO, Jose A., Salt Lake City, boy, Aug. 29

MONDRAGON SANDOVAL, Patricia and GARCIA HERNANDEZ, Jorge, West Jordan, boy, Sept. 3

MORGAN, Kelly Jo and James Fielding Jr., Kearns, girl, Aug. 29

PARKER, Michelle and Matthew James, Bountiful, boy, Aug. 28

PENA, Salud and Rodolfo, Salt Lake City, boy, Aug. 27

PIZZELLO, Jennifer Jo and John Scott, West Bountiful, girl, Sept. 1

PRESTON, Evelyn Denise, Salt Lake City, boy, Sept. 2

REEVES, Janis Joan and Bradley Robert, Bountiful, boy, Aug. 28

RIOS, Crystal Michelle, Salt Lake City, boy, Aug. 30

ROCKWELL, Katie Lyn and Nathan Brant, Stansbury Park, boy, Aug. 28

SAMANIEGO, Edna Oderay and SAMANIEGO RODRIGUEZ, Ricardo, West Jordan, girl, Aug. 27

SILVA, Alejandrina and GONZALEZ, Jose Juan, Salt Lake City, boy, Sept. 3

VELASCO, Consuelo Marin and RODRIGUEZ, Efren Martinez, Salt Lake City, boy, Sept. 3

WALTON, Tara Lynn and Marcus Kimball, Bountiful, boy, Aug. 27

WELCH, Jessica and DOWNING, Matthew Carlos, Murray, girl, Sept. 1

WIBERG, Catherine Louise and Kyle Delos, Ogden, boy, Sept. 1

University of Utah Hospital

AINSWORTH, Jamie Lee and NELSON, Shaun Calvin, West Jordan, girl, Sept. 6

AKHTAR, Balqees and PIUS, Ashraf, Salt Lake City, boy, Sept. 1

ALLISON, Heather and DIXON, Dezmond Harry, Elko, boy, Sept. 2

ANDERSON, Katrina Lisa and STUCKI, Jason Richard, Sandy, girl, Sept. 13

ARAGON, Vilma and Miguel, Salt Lake City, boy, Sept. 12

AYALA, Yelena Aleksandra and Eduardo Israel, North Salt Lake, girl, Sept. 9

BROWN, Rosanne and SAMUELS, Robert Joseph, Salt Lake City, girl, Aug. 28

CERVANTES, Yolanda and Francisco, Taylorsville, girl, Sept. 11

CHAVEZ, Jeanette and Carlos, Midvale, girl, Sept. 11

CONDE, Elizabeth Jeane and Timothy Kevin, Salt Lake City, girl, Aug. 26

CONRAD-KATZ, Tracey Elizabeth and KATZ, Bradley Jay, Salt Lake City, boy, Aug. 31

DANIELS, Claudia Edith and Keith Clarence, Heber, boy, Sept. 4

DAVIS, Stephanie Margaret and Reed Justin H., Riverton, boy, Aug. 26

DELGADO, Iliana and Juan, Salt Lake City, girl, Sept. 2

DOHERTY, Julie and Christopher John, Bountiful, girl, Aug. 27

ELDREDGE, Trudy and Jeffrey Blaine, Layton, girl, Sept. 14

FANG, Liya and LU, Guang-Hong, Salt Lake City, boy, Aug. 28

GOOCH, Necia Joy and Barry David, Salt Lake City, girl, Sept. 13

HANSEN, Angela Joy and David Thomas, Kearns, girl, Sept. 8

HETTICH, Mandy Ivy and Kevin Ray, West Valley City, girl, Sept. 13

HUERTA, Maria and JUAREZ, Inocente, Kearns, boy, Sept. 12

JOHNSTON, Leanne and DICK, Robert, Salt Lake City, girl, Sept. 28

KAHUS, Robin Elizabeth, West Valley City, boy, Aug. 27

KODNER, Tamara Joan and Neil Aaron, Bountiful, boy, Sept. 12

KOELLER, Nicole Jean and VERUCCHI, Troy Sitts, West Valley City, boy, Aug. 26

KULASEVIC, Gordana and Ratko, Salt Lake City, boy, Aug. 30

LINDLEY, Erika and David, Salt Lake City, girl, Sept. 28

LOPEZ, Candace Careen and Isaac Jose, Midvale, boy, Sept. 11

LUCERO, Clementina and Eutiquio, Park City, boy, Sept. 12

MABEY, Lorie Ann and Grant William, Lehi, boy, Sept. 14

MARTINEZ, Maria and Crisantos, West Valley City, girl, Sept. 11

MERRILL, Guadalupe and Wade Spencer, Salt Lake City, boy, Sept. 8

MICHAELSON, Jennifer Rose, Salt Lake City, boy, Sept. 12

MOALA, Manu Alaivailahi and Pule Fenua, Salt Lake City, girl, Sept. 13

MORRISON, Alicia Ann and ROSE, Michael Cole, Taylorsville, girl, Sept. 8

MORRISON, Leonie and Thomas John, Salt Lake City, girl, Sept. 7

PATTON, Renee Michelle and Christopher Philip, Salt Lake City, girl, Aug. 31

PEREZ, Mayra and RODRIGUEZ, Jose, Salt Lake City, boy, Aug. 25

PERKINS, Teresa Diane and Milo Allen, Tooele, boy, Aug. 27

PETTEY, Tiffany Ann and Scot Hale, West Jordan, boy, Sept. 2

PINEDA, Arleti Pena, Park City, girl, Sept. 8

QUARLES, Melinda Leah Joan, Salt Lake City, boy, Aug. 30

QUIROZ, Eloisa Antonia, Salt Lake City, girl, Aug. 31

ROACH, Sabrina, Kearns, girl, Sept. 10

RUSH, Jonelle Dawn, Taylorsville, boy, Aug. 26

SHAW, Lisa Marie, Salt Lake City, girl, Sept. 4

SHEPHERD, Laurel Ann and Robert David, Bountiful, girl, Sept. 8

SMALLCANYON, Krystal Lani and RASMUSSEN, Casey James, West Valley City, girl, Sept. 4

SMITH, Melissa Anne and Michael Shane, Murray, boy, Aug. 26

SOSA, Gena and Julio Willie, Salt Lake City, girl, Aug. 31

SWENSON, Barbara Ann and Lysle Wayne Jr., Sandy, girl, Sept. 3

TRIPENY, Mary-Martha Elizabeth and Patrick John, Salt Lake City, boy, Sept. 10

VANDENBERG, Suzanne Marie and Robert Marc, Salt Lake City, boy, Aug. 25

VERNSEY, Christine Dawn and Charles Leon, Park City, girl, Sept. 12

WAGNER, Stephanie Christine, Taylorsville, girl, Aug. 28

WILLHARD, Paula Marie and WHEELOCK, Brett Alex, Salt Lake City, boy, Sept. 4

XAYKOSY, Alice and Amita Tea, West Valley City, boy, Aug. 30