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BYU, U. have lot to learn

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BYU and Provo city officials can take a lesson from the University of Utah on how to move traffic at football games. Utah blocks off streets and turns two-way streets into one-way streets. Utah even provides shuttle buses. In Provo, it can take an hour or more just to get to I-15. It appears the rule is "every man for himself" on Provo streets. However, those shuttle buses from ARUP to the stadium seem to be more like a tour bus than a shuttle bus. It took 30 minutes from the time we parked until we were dropped off.

Utah can teach BYU how to get crowds in and out of the stadium, but BYU can teach Utah on how to feed the masses. It took almost a full quarter of the Utah/Cal football game to get through the concession lines, and when you got to the counter you were told they had run out of hot dogs, barbecue sandwiches and hamburgers. They even ran out of the large bulk containers of condiments. The U. needs to be better prepared.

Mark Lund