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Horse doesn’t belong

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Shame on you for misrepresenting the facts about Chick the horse and siding with the Hunsakers. It's incredibly sad that the homeowners didn't thoroughly investigate zoning laws before purchasing a home where they had planned to keep a horse. Having a horse in close proximity to a home is not a matter of losing property values but making life intolerable. My parents lived in Bluffdale for almost 20 years when their new neighbors installed a barn and horses within 50 feet of their home. My parents are elderly, my father has allergies and has since developed asthma. They had no central air and needed to keep windows and doors open to keep cool. The flies were horrible. And when the wind blew the wrong direction, the smell was so bad all the visitors would go home. My parents had to retreat to the back of their house to live. How unfair and inconsiderate. The only solution that would be fair is for the Hunsakers to either board their horse at another location or find another home where the zoning is appropriate.

Laura Garner