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Rock on

Pause that refreshes

Losing to Stanford didn't bother BYU coach Gary Crowton much.

No more than, say, losing a limb.

"Just talking about the loss, I am so angry. I'm trying to be poised here, but to be honest with you I'm just eaten up inside because I hate losing," he said after Saturday's game. "And I know the team's that way. I just want to slam this desk as hard as I can and knock this off and run out of here and yell. . . .

"But this one's over and because it's over now, tomorrow I'm not going to think about it. I'm going to think about Air Force."

While you're thinking about things, Coach, maybe you should think about taking a couple of Valium.

Hit list

The AP says the list of banned substances in the Olympics could be changing. Word is caffeine and Sudafed will be in, marijuana out.

Thanks for the scoop, guys.

But what we really want to know is whether they've figured out a way to ban synchronized swimming.

Record bound

The Chicago Cubs are gunning for the city's all-time baseball attendance record. However, it appears they'll fall a few thousand short.

Unless they give the tickets away.

Hey, it works.

Trust us on this one.

All in the family

Cheryl Ford, daughter of Karl Malone, landed four clutch free throws in the final minute of the WNBA championship game a week ago to seal a Detroit Shock to victory.

Feel free to insert your own punch line here.

Delicate balance

An old Casey Stengel quote surfaced recently in the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot: "The secret to managing is to keep the guys who hate you from the guys who are undecided."

Which is also the secret to being a columnist.

Cerebral endeavors

Denver Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer, when asked by a reporter to name his favorite pastime: "Eating Popsicles."

And you thought playing quarterback was complicated.

Crowded at the top

News reports say 137 climbers recently reached the peak of Mount Everest on the same day.

What a coincidence! That's exactly the number of people who'll be at the Jazz-Memphis game this November.

Cleveland rocks

A Sports Illustrated poll of baseball players rated Detroit the worst city in the league, followed by Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and Montreal.

Cleveland, a k a. "The Mistake on the Lake," didn't crack the top (bottom?) six. Used to be Cleveland always made everyone's list of worst cities.

Must be the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Never underrate the appeal of Mick Jagger.

Or maybe Coco Crisp.

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