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A solution for the Jazz

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The Utah Jazz seem to be heading for hard times. They've lost their big-name players and they can't seem to entice any suitable replacements, even with millions to spend.

I have a solution. Don't spend or overspend to attract marginal talent players. The Jazz should go into the season with the current roster, acknowledging to fans that they likely won't rise above the .500 win mark. In return for the fans' continued support, ticket prices would be reduced, which wouldn't hurt the "bottom line" because of the savings in unpaid salaries.

The end results: Jazz games would be more accessible due to reduced ticket prices.

NBA fans could still see top teams play firsthand (visiting teams).

The Jazz will get a good draft pick for next year.

And best of all, maybe the current underdog team will step up and surprise everyone in a kind of "Hoosiers" thing.

Steve Johnsen