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Congress culpable for $$

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When Laura Bonham said, "President Bush has given a whole new meaning to the words 'big government,' " her words expressed a concern of many who are not ashamed to be called conservatives. President Bush has not been as stalwart as we would like him to be. However, both Democrats and Republicans in Congress are probably more culpable than the president for the rash of runaway spending. Most of the runaway spending has had nothing to do with defense spending or for the war against terrorism.

Interestingly, Bonham's statement, "Historically, Democrats have been identified with 'big government' because they believe that government has a responsibility to its citizens to provide basic needs," reveals much about liberalism. First, Democrats rightfully have been identified with big government. Secondly, at last someone associated with the Democratic Party has revealed one of their driving philosophies. Her statement is an insult to all Americans who accept the fact that we, not the government, are responsible to provide for our own needs. Thank goodness for those in leadership who subscribe to this fact of life.

Donald A. Larson