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Rap, reggae influence group

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Lucky Boys Confusion's performances draw fans across all spectrums.

Lucky Boys Confusion’s performances draw fans across all spectrums.

Adam Krier, the guitarist for Lucky Boys Confusion, says his band started off as an all-encompassing cover group.

"We were proud to say we played music that was all over the place," Krier said during a telephone interview on the road, somewhere between San Diego and Las Vegas. "But as time went on, we found ourselves being taken over by rap and reggae."

Regardless of what the band played, everyone wanted to make sure the music was the best it could be.

Lucky Boys Confusion is composed of Krier, vocalist Kaustbh Pandau, drummer Ryan Fergus, bassist Jason Shultejann and guitarist Joe Sell. And Krier says they all went aggressively after the support of their fans.

"We knew we needed to have support to keep playing as a band," Krier said. "And to do that, we needed to play high-level music. We knew it would be hard to sell kids music they didn't like."

Then again, the band had to get the music to that audience. Therefore, touring was part of the process. "Touring has been a huge eye-opener for us," said Krier, who cited the Clash, Operation Ivy, the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan as his early musical influences.

"There are so many different types of characters out there," Krier said, "and we meet a lot of people who are looking for that different something. We also meet a lot of different people who are living all different types of lifestyles.

"The cool thing is, all these different people come together and like our music."

In addition to keeping up with audience expectations, the band has to meet its own expectations. "It's been rewarding, seeing the band grow as musicians," Krier said. "We plan to stay on the road as long as we can and let the music talk."

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