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Diversity can be strength

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Lately I've noticed a significant increase in racial, religious and cultural diversity among the population of Utah. I've asked myself many times whether this shift is good or bad for the state in general. The best answer I can think of is that it depends on the attitude and strength of character of those who already live here.

If we insist on pining for the good old days and wishing things never changed, we risk being seen as distant, inhospitable and resentful to those who could be our friends and neighbors. These types of negative behaviors can breed fear, misunderstanding and hostilities.

On the other hand, if we welcome all types of people who move to or visit Utah with respect and friendliness, they will be much more likely to contribute in a positive way to the community.

Change is inevitable, but we can choose whether the increasing diversity of our state will be our most agonizing fear or our greatest strength.

Neal Hatch

Elk Ridge