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Cheney too cagey on Iraq

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Having seen Dick Cheney on "Meet the Press" on Sept. 14, I find it off-putting just how little control the U.S. seems to have on the situation in Iraq. The cost of the war, originally projected by the pentagon to be $50 billion, now adds up to $160 billion. The reconstituted nuclear weapons from Africa claim that was being touted turned out to be a forgery. His responses to these issues in the interview were claims of ignorance. It seems as though the administration doesn't care that they are wildly over budget and their arguments for pre-emptive strike are eroding under scrutiny.

In addition, despite what he says about having "severed ties" with Halliburton, I refuse to believe that the vice president is completely innocent in this regard. When the company you used to run is given a $1.7 billion-plus no-bid oil contract for a country you were largely responsible for invading, the coincidence is far too great to ignore. The situation reeks of ulterior motives.

Finally, I thought the oil from Iraq, not tax money, was supposed to be funding the reconstruction.

Owen Marshall