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Civil liberties in danger

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Recently, I called the office of Sen. Orrin Hatch to express my concern over his support of the Bush administration's attack on civil liberties. In response, the staff member who took my call replied, "Unless you are a terrorist, you have nothing to worry about." Though I wasn't necessarily expecting Sen. Hatch nor his staff to agree with my point of view, I was, at least, expecting a response a bit more articulate than that.

Sen. Hatch's flippant attitude toward the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is alarming. To trash the Bill of Rights in an effort to ferret out a handful of villains will ultimately do more harm than good.

I can't help but wonder why Sen. Hatch so passionately and obediently supports the Bush administration's misguided war on the Bill of Rights. Does the prospect of a future Supreme Court appointment have something to do with it?

Ronald D. Williams