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Graham supports Leavitt

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As a former state official and fourth generation Democrat, I wasn't known for seeing eye-to-eye with Gov. Mike Leavitt. The reality is we're both moderates and found much to agree about. Leavitt is a highly capable, thoughtful leader with a gift for solving problems and working with people. That's just what the EPA needs. This is a proud moment for our state. He deserves confirmation.

I also look forward to the era of Gov. Olene Walker. Few know her sacrifices and accomplishments. She earned her Ph.D. during her "study time" at home: 11 p.m. to 3 a.m., while she raised her seven children. She has wisdom, energy and the ability to hear all voices.

Next year, it will be time for politics and the real chance for a Democratic governor in Scott Matheson Jr. This year it's time to say thank you to two fine Republican leaders who have served us well.

Jan Graham

Former Utah attorney general